WhatsApp as One of the Most Popular Messengers Nowadays

WhatsApp as One of the Most Popular Messengers Nowadays

There are many social networks today that are shaping the lives of human beings, especially the younger ones. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube have been in existence for a long time now and have rightfully earned their popularity.

On the other hand are smartphone apps that have taken the world by storm. Apps like Viber and Instagram have brought new ways for people to connect over the internet. One such app is WhatsApp, a name everyone is now familiar with, and for good reason.

Free, Non-Obstructive Texting

WhatsApp is an application that works with multiple platforms and uses your phone number to help you text people over the internet. This makes texting free and instant, as opposed to the conventional SMS that costs money and is slower. Other than just texting, however, WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to share your media with your friends, all for free. Be it photos, videos, or music, WhatsApp has made it much easier than emailing someone a picture you just took.

Acquisition by Facebook

As if only to accentuate the importance of WhatsApp among masses, Facebook bought the company for a huge amount of $19 billion. This was done to bring WhatsApp to newer markets around the world as well as to take advantage of its presence in developing countries. WhatsApp now even offers a free calling feature that was previously confined to apps like Viber and Skype.

Popularity among Children

By far the largest user base of this app is comprised of children. Children use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their friends and share their media with them. Features like the ability to create groups and sending emoticons have made the app even more attractive to youngsters.

What sets WhatsApp truly apart from other apps, including Facebook, is the way it lets you use it for free. Many free apps today make use to ads and banners within the UI that completely ruin the experience, but WhatsApp has managed to keep itself very clean and quite unique, adding to its attractiveness.