How to Track Whatsapp Account on Non-Jailbroken Iphone

8. How to track whatsapp account on non-jailbroken iphone

In this modern age people use social sites for communication more than the traditional texting methods and hence keeping in check these sites is what you should consider doing.

Why should you track whatsapp?

There could be many reasons you can have for thinking of tracking down the whatsapp accont on a non-jailbroken iphone. It could be:

Teenage kids

Seeing an iphone in a kid’s hands these days, is a common sight and being a worrisome parent for monitoring his/her activities being carried out on social applications like snapchat and whatsapp is also a usual issue. In order to understand what goes on in your children’s minds and to protect them from committing any activity which could be something related to bad influence you should definitely monitor their cell phones for whatsapp and other social sites.


For a company to succeed, a trustworthy staff is required, still one cannot rely on others blindly hence keeping the activities of employees in check is a reasonable thought. There may be a few people who could be leaking out your firm’s secrets and files’ so monitoring their whatsapp is a definite and clever precaution.


Being committed to someone sincerely and then finding out (s) he is not as loyal to your relationship as you expected him/ her to be is painful. To avoid going through the phase of a hurting breakup with your spouse you can easily spy on his whatsapp by using whatsapp spy application on his/ her non-jail broken iphone. This can aid you in knowing whether your judgement regarding him/ her is mistakened or not.

How can you track whatsapp?

Tracking of whatsapp account for all the messages sent and received, videos and photos shared is a simple manner of knowing which application you should install and how to manage it. The rest is on the whatsapp spy app to work out. Monitoring of a non-jail broken iphone what you need is the iCloud credentials of the mobile phone to be tracked. Most of the whatsapp spy applications work with it but if the device you are to monitor does not have it enabled then you will have to download and install the whatsapp spy app.

Using the application you can easily view the spied on data which will get saved by the spy app in a folder that you can view any time you wish to. It will be accessible to you alone and keep the content copied safe and secure.