How to Spy on Whatsapp without Rooting Android Phone

How to spy on whatsapp without rooting Android phone

With the rapid changing of the era, new gadgets are being made and related fields have led to creation of markets like spying applications for all kinds of cell phones, especially the androids without having to root them.

Such tracking applications aid worried parents in spying over activities done by their children on their smart phones and doubtful spouses regarding cheating issues, especially on whatsapp the ever growing social site without rooting their cell phones. Below are the steps you should follow to keep in checking your kid or spouse’s data of whatsapp and not having to root the mobile.


  • Place the playstore present in the smart phone and search for any suitable monitoring site for android users. With plenty being present on market, you will have no trouble locating them. Look for applications that can help you track whatsapp without rooting the mobile.
  • Having chosen your desired site, install it and then launch it on the cell phone. Next register for your login account which will be accessible to you alone for keeping an eye on all the activities done on the mobile you installed the spying application on. You can easily register for the account using that specific cell phone or via some other online computing device.
  • Hide the application so your subjects of tracking (children, spouse etc) remain unaware of the installation and the application can work on full stealth mode. All data made while them using their phones is directly sent to the account you made, when installing the application and this process is done without being advertised to the user’s eye.

How can you access the data?

Once having completed with the installation process you can simply login the account created by you where all the activities done by the subjects are appearing in a direct manner. Whatever media files are being shared, chat history being made or calls being attended using the application whatsapp, are directly sent in that personal account of yours under the title of ‘whatsapp history’. The information mentioned in such accounts is completely confidential.

A point to be remembered here is that since the cell phone has not been rooted so the wait to receive messages and other activities being commenced on whatsapp is more than usual. It could take as long as a day or two, so patience is strongly recommended. Rooted devices however show the upcoming new messages of whatsapp in fifteen minutes.