How to Spy on Whatsapp on Target Phone Secretly

how to spy on whatsapp on target phone secretly

Keeping a keen eye on kids all the time is responsibility of parents but unfortunately most of the parents have to no idea how to do this without invading their privacy and how to do this all the time. Spy apps and services have resolved this issue and now parents can install spy apps like mSpy on their kids’ phones, tablets or computers to see their online activities and whereabouts. Other than parents, employers can also use mSpy to monitor activities of their employees in order to protect their business.

How does mSpy work?

If you want to spy on WhatsApp on target phone secretly or want to monitor other activities then you have to install mSpy on the target device. You must have physical access to the target device because it is not possible to install it remotely. The installation process only takes 2-3 minutes and after the installation is done, you don’t have to have target phone on you because you can configure and control it remotely with the help of web portal and credentials the company provides at the time of purchase. From the same web portal, you can read all the WhatsApp messages that have been sent or received on the target device.

What features does Spy have?

Other than WhatsApp monitoring, mSpy has many other spy and monitoring features too. You can do message monitoring, call monitoring, email monitoring, IM monitoring, internet usage monitoring as well as GPS tracking, access to all media files stored on the device and access to phone directory. The GPS tracking feature shows the geographical location of the target device in real time and it can also record routes.