Can I Remotely Access Someone’s Whatsapp

Can I remotely access someone's whatsapp

In case you don’t know, it is possible to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp. Although the app is completely secured but people get careless that makes it easier for attacker to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp. Following are some most common ways hackers use to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp.

Key Logger

Key loggers are around us for several years and hackers use them all the time to get personal, financial and other important information. Although it is quite hard to install and configure key logger remotely on a system or device without having physical access but it is possible. On the other hand, mobile operating systems like Android and iOS are not very friendly to key loggers.

Monitoring and Spy Apps

Parents and employers use mobile monitoring and spy apps to monitor and track all the activities of their kids and employees. Parents use this kind of apps to protect their kids from cyber threats and to know their whereabouts which employers do that to protect their businesses. mSpy is a well known monitoring app and service that you can use to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp. You must have physical access to the target device in order to install mSpy on it. After the initialization, you can control and configure that remotely with the help of web portal. This particular monitoring and spy app has tons of other features too.

MAC Spoofing

Both of the above mentioned methods work perfectly to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp as well as other things but this particular method is effective on WhatsApp only. MAC Spoofing allows hackers to make their device appears as someone else’s and access their WhatsApp account. Although this particular method is not as easy as it sounds but it works perfectly on almost all devices.