Possible Ways to Hack WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of those apps that a majority of smartphone users have on their phones. The sheer ease that the app brings with it, as far as communicating with others is concerned, is still unmatched by many other apps that are hoping to contend with WhatsApp.

But why does WhatsApp hold more attraction for people when there are so many others of the same kind? The reason is that this is a very stable and consistent app. People use it because they can rely on it. But where security and privacy is concerned, WhatsApp users can face some serious threats, as there are more ways than one to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account. Continue reading “Possible Ways to Hack WhatsApp”

Where Can I Download Whatsapp Spy Software

Have you been wondering how to monitor a cell phone and all its contents? Is it your teenager kid, company employee or even worse spouse cheating on you? Are you worried about how to monitor whatsapp on their phones? Don’t know which whatsapp spy application should you make use of, where to find it or how to download and install it on the phone (android/ iphone) to be monitored? Are you yet unsure of purchasing one or giving it a trial? If this is the case then don’t worry because we can help you understand how, when and from where to download a whatsapp spy application. Continue reading “Where Can I Download Whatsapp Spy Software”

How to Spy on Whatsapp without Rooting Android Phone

With the rapid changing of the era, new gadgets are being made and related fields have led to creation of markets like spying applications for all kinds of cell phones, especially the androids without having to root them.

Such tracking applications aid worried parents in spying over activities done by their children on their smart phones and doubtful spouses regarding cheating issues, especially on whatsapp the ever growing social site without rooting their cell phones. Below are the steps you should follow to keep in checking your kid or spouse’s data of whatsapp and not having to root the mobile.


  • Place the playstore present in the smart phone and search for any suitable monitoring site for android users. With plenty being present on market, you will have no trouble locating them. Look for applications that can help you track whatsapp without rooting the mobile.
  • Having chosen your desired site, install it and then launch it on the cell phone. Next register for your login account which will be accessible to you alone for keeping an eye on all the activities done on the mobile you installed the spying application on. You can easily register for the account using that specific cell phone or via some other online computing device.
  • Hide the application so your subjects of tracking (children, spouse etc) remain unaware of the installation and the application can work on full stealth mode. All data made while them using their phones is directly sent to the account you made, when installing the application and this process is done without being advertised to the user’s eye.

How can you access the data?

Once having completed with the installation process you can simply login the account created by you where all the activities done by the subjects are appearing in a direct manner. Whatever media files are being shared, chat history being made or calls being attended using the application whatsapp, are directly sent in that personal account of yours under the title of ‘whatsapp history’. The information mentioned in such accounts is completely confidential.

A point to be remembered here is that since the cell phone has not been rooted so the wait to receive messages and other activities being commenced on whatsapp is more than usual. It could take as long as a day or two, so patience is strongly recommended. Rooted devices however show the upcoming new messages of whatsapp in fifteen minutes.

Get Access on Your Whatsapp Conversations Online on Android with No Root

Tensed about having to find out your spouse is cheating on you? Do you want to end that nagging feeling and check on his whatsapp accounts to make sure he is loyal to you?

A number of applications can help you track down all the activities he has been doing on whatsapp without him having a single hint about being spied upon. This process is simple and easy to use. Read on to find out more.

Monitoring of messages on android phones:

Firstly, search for an application that you can consider perfect to be installed upon his phone to check all the activities commenced on it. Go through features of applications and choose the best option you find. Go for the application with mentioned trait of spying over social sites especially whatsapp without rooting of android phones.

Click the install tab and let the application get installed.

Launch the application and make a login account when asked by the application. You can easily make it using the same cell phone or using your own mobile, computer, tablet etc.

connection between your account and husband’s phone is made which enables all you to be able to see and go through all the information and data collected and done on whatsapp and other applications. All media files including pictures, videos and audios sent and received will directly be sent to you on your account which you can access personally to make sure of and thereby clear all your doubts and worries. Chat history and new messages can also be checked upon other than calls made using whatsapp.

Stamps of dates and time like when any messages were sent along with the sender’s name and number are accessible by using a good monitoring application. Records of whatsapp messages can be gone through without having to root the device at all. This information with accurate timing can help you specify the conversations held with contacts (you can also look for the contacts used) and act as a milestone in managing to clear all doubts you have regarding your husband.

An important note that needs to be remembered here is that since no rooting of device has taken place so the wait to check out new and recent messages or files on whatsapp is more than that of rooted gadgets. So be patient and verify the facts before jumping to conclusions.

How to Spy on Whatsapp on Target Phone Secretly

Keeping a keen eye on kids all the time is responsibility of parents but unfortunately most of the parents have to no idea how to do this without invading their privacy and how to do this all the time. Spy apps and services have resolved this issue and now parents can install spy apps like mSpy on their kids’ phones, tablets or computers to see their online activities and whereabouts. Other than parents, employers can also use mSpy to monitor activities of their employees in order to protect their business. Continue reading “How to Spy on Whatsapp on Target Phone Secretly”

How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages without Jailbreak

There are numerous reasons to install a spy app on an iOS device. Parents can install a spy app on their kids’ iPhone to monitor all the activities performed on that device including WhatsApp messages as many kids use WhatsApp. As cyber threats and cyber bullying is currently in the mainstream, parents have to monitor all the activities of their kids to protect them. Obviously if the iOS device is not jailbroken then it is impossible to install a spy app that does not support non-jailbroken devices. mSpy is a popular spy and monitoring app and service that not only support jailbroken iOS devices but also non-jailbroken iOS devices. Continue reading “How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages without Jailbreak”

How to Spy on Whatsapp Conversations Free

There are tons of social media apps, networks and websites available today. Parents all over the globe have concerns about their kids who waste lot of time on the internet doing nothing. Other than social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, kids also spend lot of time on IM services like WhatsApp. On the other hand, employers also want to protect their business by protecting all the information and critical data that an employee can steal and sell it to a competitor. Spy apps and services like mSpy help parents to monitor their kids and employers to keep an eye on their employees all the time. Continue reading “How to Spy on Whatsapp Conversations Free”

How to Spy on Someone’s Whatsapp Messages without Them Knowing?

This is not at all difficult and we have the madly advancing technology to thank for that. We do not know when or how the tracker softwares came into origin, but they took the idea from real life detectives. In the old era, the people maneuvered through real life meetings; now they cheat on each other through the communication applications in their phones. Continue reading “How to Spy on Someone’s Whatsapp Messages without Them Knowing?”

Using WhatsApp Tracker in Parental Control

There has been a long debate about the ethical side of using tracking apps to keep an eye on one’s children. People think that using spy apps to monitor your child’s smartphone activities defeats the purpose of expecting them to trust you or learn how to handle their own problems. Continue reading “Using WhatsApp Tracker in Parental Control”