WhatsApp and its Broken Privacy Options

While people today love to use social networking and communication apps that work for free, there are some known risks that come with their use. Platforms like Facebook have seen an immense amount of love from users, young and old alike, over the past few years and they continue to grow every day. However, such social networks also open doors for cybercriminals and online predators into one’s private life and data. Thankfully, there are privacy options that one can use in order to keep their profile safe from prying eyes.

But recently, these ‘privacy’ options of many apps have started to get challenged. People are finding out about serious flaws regarding privacy settings, in many apps. One of the latest apps, the flaws of which have been exposed, is WhatsApp. Continue reading “WhatsApp and its Broken Privacy Options”

How to Use Whatsapp Tracker on Iphone

Making use of social sites and media softwares like whatsapp and snapchat is a common practice among people these days. Some install it to interact with their friends and family, search for new people worldwide as these applications are used globally within all types of phones; androids or iphones (jail broke/ non-jail-broken), while others do it just to stalk people and view their profiles.

Whatsapp is the fastest growing application in popularity among people of all ages due to its salient features like being totally free of cost and allowance of sharing photos, videos, calls other than the instant messaging with trendy emoticons to express your views. Continue reading “How to Use Whatsapp Tracker on Iphone”

Monitor Your Teen’s Whatsapp with Mobile Spyware

In the growing modern era where developments are being made rapidly, the new trend in communication industry is having smart phones. Teenagers especially have the strongest claim into making this craze get so popular. As that industry has progressed it has led to the emergence of several sidelines like launching of monitoring applications, mostly because of the worried parent as to what their children are up to on those cell phones of theirs. These days’ innumerable monitoring applications are available to spy on teenage people, without hinting them at all about them becoming a subject of investigations for parents. In many states such tense ir children by following their every move online. Continue reading “Monitor Your Teen’s Whatsapp with Mobile Spyware”

Check Your Husband’s Whatsapp Using Monitoring App?

Are you worried of those tiny beeps coming on your husband’s cell phone? Tired of being unable to know for sure what they are about? In that case, can help you checking his whatsapp for whatever you need. Read on to find out how you can keep a check on his whatsapp messages and calls by simply using any monitoring application alone.

Recent technology has led to the development of various applications for smart phones and one of them is a whole new field of monitoring applications for wives who suspect their husband’s to be cheating. The enhancement of such applications has made it so easy to find out how honest and sincere the husbands are in their marriages. You can access any of his whatsapp chats and shared media files via a simple method of installing a surveillance application. Continue reading “Check Your Husband’s Whatsapp Using Monitoring App?”

How to Access Whatsapp Account of Your Wife?

Is this really important? Most of us would raise our eyebrows and furrow our foreheads at the mention of breaching someone’s privacy. However, it is with a heavy heart that we all need to realize something: sometimes, it is unavoidable; sometimes, because of the circumstances, you may have to check the Whatsapp account of your wife. Continue reading “How to Access Whatsapp Account of Your Wife?”

WhatsApp as One of the Most Popular Messengers Nowadays

There are many social networks today that are shaping the lives of human beings, especially the younger ones. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube have been in existence for a long time now and have rightfully earned their popularity.

On the other hand are smartphone apps that have taken the world by storm. Apps like Viber and Instagram have brought new ways for people to connect over the internet. One such app is WhatsApp, a name everyone is now familiar with, and for good reason. Continue reading “WhatsApp as One of the Most Popular Messengers Nowadays”

How to Read Whatsapp Messages from Another Account

People wonder is it possible to read WhatsApp messages from another account? And the short answer is yes and there are multiple ways to do that. Actually the real question is how to read someone else WhatsApp messages? Let’s talk about different methods used to read WhatsApp messages from another account. Continue reading “How to Read Whatsapp Messages from Another Account”

Can I Remotely Access Someone’s Whatsapp

In case you don’t know, it is possible to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp. Although the app is completely secured but people get careless that makes it easier for attacker to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp. Following are some most common ways hackers use to remotely access someone’s WhatsApp. Continue reading “Can I Remotely Access Someone’s Whatsapp”