How to Track Whatsapp Chat from Computer

Teens nowadays spend too much time on their computers and smartphones that is a big concern of parents. Additionally, parents have no idea with whom their kids talk to and what kind of friends they have on the internet. This put parents in a difficult position as most of them don’t know how they can keep an eye on their kids all the time without invading their privacy. Spy apps and services like mSpy have made it easier than ever for them to monitor all the activities of kids all the time. Continue reading “How to Track Whatsapp Chat from Computer”

How to Track Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Parents have to go to the extra mile to protect their kids from online world and cyber threats. Sadly cyber bullying has been on rise for last couple of years and most of the kids do not tell their parents about that. In that case, it is solely parents’ responsibility to monitor all the online activities of their kids and know their whereabouts all the time. These spy apps and services also come with other useful features like GPS tracking and monitoring. Continue reading “How to Track Deleted Whatsapp Messages”

Track Whatsapp Messages of Your Partner

Because mistrust and disloyalty have become somewhat of a second nature to all of us, so much so that they hardly surprise us now, the act of spying and tracking partners has also become a routine. Are you caught up in this whirlwind? Do you feel your partner needs monitoring? Then you have come to the right place. Continue reading “Track Whatsapp Messages of Your Partner”

How to Track WhatsApp Messages

Being in a relationship isn’t easy. It is built on trust and understanding, and once that trust is under doubt for some reason, it’s not easy to regain it. With the rise of smartphone apps that let users contact one another for free, and without the hassle and obviousness of text messages, this doubt has found easier ways to creep into the mind. Continue reading “How to Track WhatsApp Messages”